Monday, 27 December 2010

Reasons come and reasons go

Time has lost its meaning and the days know no season. If I could stop, rewind, replay and redo everything, I would do it all the time. I’ve tried to look through the mist. I’ve tried to search for smiles. I am still searching for a reason to let go and maybe I will never will. More than that, I do not want to find a reason.
Of what good is this life if it were not meant to be lived with the right man. What good is this desire to live, if not for the smile and touch of my best friend. Mistake is just as much a perception. Where O where have thou gone? Does it feel the same without me?
Linen drapes and silken ties, worldly woes and childish cries, do you know the sound of my voice and do you hear me sing?
In a land of neverness, a feeling of sadness seems to grip me forever beneath my skin. I wonder if the seasons will ever turn the same colours for me. I wonder if food will taste the same. I wonder if happiness still has another meaning. I wonder if love means anything beyond us. I wonder if people ever find back their way into love once forgotten. How does one fall back into love when one has erased every emotion that reminds one of a loved one? Isn’t it impossible to feel that that once made you happy but now sad?
Like the deep end of the ocean, with secrets that lie on its ocean bed, for the unfortunate to find lest they meet their fate, I lie still waiting for the storm to calm me down lest I bring upon my own fate! Who will travel those depths to know the ocean?
Wrap a warm blanket around me and sing me a lullaby for the voices within my head are louder than my own. Lock me in a dark room, with black painted walls and gray shadows. I do not want people to figure me out. I do not want to be understood. I want you. I want the man who found me. Who found my smiles and read my thoughts. Who made friendship the best platform between love and nothingness. Who stood and waited till I looked into his eyes and told him, “It’s OK to leave, love and make mistakes.” Who never spent a day without making me feel his day hasn’t begun with my laugh. Who would get my shoes off my feet everyday just to see me squirm. Who would see me eat all the time cause food made me happy and who would slip by my side silently when we both drifted apart. Whose fleeting looks never leave me even when I dream off on a long journey. Whose glances trace my every step as I leave the room just to see me return. Who would reach out his hands to hold my own when we cross the roads. Who would love me till I ask to stop. Who would collect my hair strands from his bed till I mess the sheets again another day. Who would flirt with me when I really get drunk.
They say love happens in a moment but they never tell you how to let go off it. I am still making peace with nothing to hold onto. I am still letting go off. I am still learning to smile without my best friend. I am scared more than anything because I once could see the beauty in everything and today I can see the morbidity that drives one to end his own life. I know what those depraved thoughts feel like. And that is sad. Sadness that I delve in at times.
Today I have realised, the hardest battles are not those fought on the battlefield but those need the sustenance of your self will. I am not letting go off you but I am going to live the way I promised my future grandchildren- a great life to be lived once again! Now I live in your afterglow...
Dedicated to one of my favourite scenes from the movie Avatar :)

Neytiri: You are Omaticaya now. You may make your bow from the wood of Hometree. And you may choose a woman. We have many fine women. Ninat is the best singer.
Jake Sully: I don't want Ninat.
Neytiri: Peyral is a good hunter.
Jake Sully: Yes, she is a good hunter. But I've already chosen. But this woman must also choose me.
Neytiri: She already has.

Monday, 20 December 2010

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant us the... Serenity to accept things we cannot change,
Courage to change the things we can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference
Patience for the things that take time
Appreciation for all that we have, and
Tolerance for those with different struggles
Freedom to live beyond the limitations of our past ways,
the Ability to feel your love for us and our love for each other and
the Strength to get up and try again even when we feel it is hopeless.

{The serenity prayer is a universal proclamation to God and a prayer for all those who find life a difficult path to trod. This prayer is a part of the 12 step programme adopted for AA and several self help groups. I have always liked it and it has a practical approach that appeals to almost everybody. So go on and say it and let it make sense to you when it has to :)}

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sing along your way

I think everybody must have their “FREEDOM” song to listen to once in a while. That one number that makes you feel you can conquer the world, that nothing really matters except that your happiness and presence in that moment. Today, I found my 100th song that makes me feel happy, and it is all over Facebook and where not! Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World reminds me of my teen years, all that’s so good and not so good-but it was me.

I wish I could make this permanent bubble of craziness. In months, I’ve felt such a relief from everything-family, work, friends and everything that consumes the core of you when you so want to conquer the world. Ironic, yes but before I get that feeling of being someone else’s mule, I’m shaking my booty to Rihanna.

Have fun and do something crazy, laugh at yourself.


Saturday, 23 October 2010

A message for you

Dear Stranger-searching-for-an-answer,

It is one thing to mull on your past and it is another thing to foresee your happiness :) Today, I saw a smiling content vision of the future.
A few months ago, o
ne of my posts claimed of a future filled with love and oppotunities of which I have achieved each one of them apart from the frigging love handles that refuse to leave me I still evoke strong sentiments from peers with regards to my overshot BMI index. Aah! promises to lose weight are now seeming frequent. But My will is still strong. I have two months more to prove myself right. But if I do, I promise to flash a Hot Sexy Million dollar worth Picture of me :) I am so screwed now! hehehe..
Love, yes has happened with someone special and will remain so. I am going to paint a 1000 words for all to read about that soon. Yay!
Work is pretty varied. I like. I stress. Don't like. I am looking for a change to entice me, make me go with my heart...I know I will find it soon. I already foresaw my future this year and I am ridin' fine. So why
I am I writing this? Well, to tell you all that you can get what you want, when you want and to expect more than you can. I shall tell you how and those who really need help can get in touch through email.

For most people, this might sound absurd and crap but the ones who know me would know what I mean. I have always been a woman of gut instinct. I have no answers to 'Why I do not feel Virat Kohli will not play in his next test match' or 'Why your latest love is a completely no-no for you' or 'the fact that I am going to live till 90'. Hahaha... Yes, Some ask me to predict the future, and some ask for the closing index at the stock markets.

No I am not a fortune-teller. I happen to listen to my heart more often than not which also means I land up bruising myself more than any one else. I also listen to what YOUR HEART feels :) How is that! Tha
t is why I can tell you what will work for you. My message to you, you two lovely eyes reading me, is that - It is all within you. You are capable of seeing your future and you need no Linda Goodman to do it.
Tune in to what your heart feels, what makes you happy, sad, angry. Observe people, listen, listen and
listen! Shut up as often as you can. Wisdom is revealed in moments of silence and is a gift and blessing from God. The phrase, 'Wisdom of the sages' comes from this adage.

When you feel all lost, hurt and absolutely at the edge of a cliff, and you get this feeling that your life means nothing to no one, remember one thing- That this is perception twisted, blurred with your stoopid confused ways. Take a step back, breathe, pause, reflect like a third person. In moments like these, you should always switch off to a silent YOU. Talk to God my friend. Talk and tell him your heart. If sadness weighs you down, just be. Just lie still. The Lord Almighty stands before you EVERYDAY, EVERY TIME, EVERYWHERE - Believe in his omnipresence! Even if you don't just stand still, give him the benefit of doubt that probably HE might be sipping JD on the rocks at a sleek jazz bar, with soft piano tunes floating in the wispy air, watching you, waiting for him to act. He knows everything that you tell and that you do not tell. He knows your heart before you can even decide. When you give God a chance to act on your life, your confusion will vanish and Answers will come. The journey won't confuse you. The future will not impose any fear. And you begin to see things clear for yourself and for others.

The reason I am writing this piece today is because I feel you need me today to hear this message (I do not know who you are but I have a feeling you will stumble upon this piece of mine soon)
Yes, it is a message for your soul and I am here to convey it- you are blessed and your future is as bright as the sunlight sunflowers swaying in green fields :) And that you are loved by many, open your heart and your arms and let the floodgates of compassion fill your arms.

Stay blessed, smile and walk barefeet...someone out there wishes they could just do this and be like you... :)

From an ang

Monday, 13 September 2010

Waiting for you

I want you, I need you
Now, not tomorrow
Shivers run down my spine
In my shadow I disappear

Hold me, stronger than the smell of roses
Feel me, like the water flowing through your fingers
See me, like you see you
Love me, like the embrace forever

Oh! pain is but a sweet agony
For with it comes sweeter endings
Sifting through walls in dreams
I know nothing but the memory of you

I will wait, wait till you come by
Wait till love sees a way out
Wait till fear is fearless
Wait till wait is no more...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Forever yours

You are my body, my soul, my spirit within
I know that me because of you
You are the beginning of everything sweet and lasting
If I had all the treasures of this world

It would still not suffice my endless need for you
You see me like the north star, shining just for you
I shine in your gaze, I sing along your praise
You make the world my palace of love and joy
I want a picture of forever and you give me that too

Aren't you awesome, super, inexplicable?
I am madly in love with your ways
I never want to stray,
I am for you and you for me, my LORD.

Monday, 5 April 2010

My world, my world

I need to sleep
I need a hug
Not a lover of a bug.

I care for me
I care for thee
I do not care for society.

If love be all
Then I want you
If not, then pass me my Jimmy Choo.

I walk to break free
From you and me
I stop to see,
What do people love to be?

I want to kiss
Like a freak on the road
I want to dance
Like a stripper on pole.

Roll on the drums
Paper rockets afloat
The sound of my world
Is better than this rote.

I want to throw paints of gold
Splash my world in tints of mould
Hang on a rope and sing for my life
For the truth pierces like the blade of a knife.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hellos To Moi

Hi Myself,

A thought crossed me by today. About my writing mostly :) other than my overcrowded social calendar (trust me, I could have my family attending half of them on my behalf!)
Coming back to my writing and mostly my miserable blogging skills, I've come to realise that I write only when I feel the most about anything. Death, Depression and Break ups are the best inspirations to hidden aspirations of life or rather the cruel wake up calls to living it completely.
Looking at my archives, I also noticed that 2009 just swooned by.
For those who are following me (Hiiiiiiiii) and for those who have simply chanced upon my resurrected blog, well I spent the entire year purging, rediscovering me, living life and most of all getting back to a healthy lifestyle. The year before that, I was in an unmentionable relationship that made me a stronger, wiser, and a better human being (in other words that seven -headed monster of an ex just showed me what I never ever want in my partner EVER AGAIN).

Then you would say, That I have already posted something below before my welcome note. That is actually the exact reason why I decided to brief you about me. It is a poem for someone who has inspired me to fall in LOVE, again. To believe, hope and pray for it.

Today and especially this year, I believe that I will fall in LOVE soon and so will wait for it, I plan to take what's rightfully mine (My Job Desig), to not be afraid of following my dream (To be a travel writer and photographer), to drop 10 kgs more, to learn a language (because I've always loved languages), to learn atleast one dance style (since I party, to hone my god-given talent of singing and to create a bucket list every 6 months. YES, I will do this. I have already accomplished the first one too many times. This time I believe GOD has set the best takeout for me, the second, too, has been achieved all in the matter of a month and the rest will follow soon.

I know life can be a real chewing gum stuck in the hair at times, but this is all I know - TO HOPE, BELIEVE AND PRAY. And My prayers go out to all who read this, that your families are blessed today and that your lives may be enriched just like mine.

God bless you :)


Till then

I hope you find a season, forever to cherish.
I hope you find a hand to hold when all alone.
I hope you find a smile to make your day.
I hope you find a dream to show you the way.
I hope you find beauty, I hope you find passion.
I hope you find a moment, forever to love.
I hope you find shade, when all tires you out.
I hope you find you, and all that you're about.
I hope you sail the years, with all the world's peace.
I hope for you cause that's all I get to feel.
An endless hope like the ocean's abyss.
I keep longing once more for your caress.
Till then will this charm always be?
Will You still be you and I be me?
In your wait a silent prayer I say,
To keep the faith that blind men see,
Till then, I'll be waiting at the door for you to find me.