Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hellos To Moi

Hi Myself,

A thought crossed me by today. About my writing mostly :) other than my overcrowded social calendar (trust me, I could have my family attending half of them on my behalf!)
Coming back to my writing and mostly my miserable blogging skills, I've come to realise that I write only when I feel the most about anything. Death, Depression and Break ups are the best inspirations to hidden aspirations of life or rather the cruel wake up calls to living it completely.
Looking at my archives, I also noticed that 2009 just swooned by.
For those who are following me (Hiiiiiiiii) and for those who have simply chanced upon my resurrected blog, well I spent the entire year purging, rediscovering me, living life and most of all getting back to a healthy lifestyle. The year before that, I was in an unmentionable relationship that made me a stronger, wiser, and a better human being (in other words that seven -headed monster of an ex just showed me what I never ever want in my partner EVER AGAIN).

Then you would say, That I have already posted something below before my welcome note. That is actually the exact reason why I decided to brief you about me. It is a poem for someone who has inspired me to fall in LOVE, again. To believe, hope and pray for it.

Today and especially this year, I believe that I will fall in LOVE soon and so will wait for it, I plan to take what's rightfully mine (My Job Desig), to not be afraid of following my dream (To be a travel writer and photographer), to drop 10 kgs more, to learn a language (because I've always loved languages), to learn atleast one dance style (since I party, to hone my god-given talent of singing and to create a bucket list every 6 months. YES, I will do this. I have already accomplished the first one too many times. This time I believe GOD has set the best takeout for me, the second, too, has been achieved all in the matter of a month and the rest will follow soon.

I know life can be a real chewing gum stuck in the hair at times, but this is all I know - TO HOPE, BELIEVE AND PRAY. And My prayers go out to all who read this, that your families are blessed today and that your lives may be enriched just like mine.

God bless you :)



CRD said...

Welcome back to's been a while.

Nice legs :P

But hey, keep blogging.

Cheers \m/

Kevin said...

Gud to c u back…. Keep updating ur R’kut 2!!!

God bless...

Crazyy woman said...

@crd: You know now all the answers to my absence :)

@kev: Thank you. Orkut is so gone rite nw. Im On Fb 24x7.
but will do it :)

Rohan said...

haha, Yes did chance upon your blog JLT and thank god i did :)

I ve been blogging since my breakup and i can totally relate to what you are on about depression and mental trauma being perfect writers paradise.

I could write so much when i was unhappy and now when i am totally live i cannot think of much to write except some random ramblings making fun of things from Satan to what makes alcohol and smoking so special, to wierd ideologies

May all your wishes come true :)

Ps: Let me know when you update your blog, i ll keep reading, commenting and relating too :)


Crazyy woman said...

Hey Ro, :)Tell me about it...I hope all is well with you now.
To tell you the truth, i did blog in 09 n b4 tht, bt the posts were so depressing and suicidal and hateful, tht aftr i ggot over it,I din hv the heart to read it :) so hit the del button..
yea...but once in a while its good to resurrect such ppl in yr head, for eg--on the treadmill..u can run for miles n nt tire out...LOL
I hv reserved my comments to yr blog until another write up :)