Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Stab that achy breaky HEART

Your first stage appearance-it's the only beat you can hear
Your first crush-you wear it on your sleeve
You’re confused- you follow it
You win-it has a nuclear effect
You lose-it has a whirlpool effect
You run-it eats the life out of you
You sleep-it breathes life into you
In love-it gives you wings
In hurt-it leaves you nowhere…..

Mind: Why ??? why you piece of flesh? Why does my master listen to you always? Don’t you have a place for hell? You do feel everything possible…don’t you feel hurt? To choose you, is to choose hurt.
Heart: Everyone’s different. I’m from a different race. We don’t think and act like the rest. Your master chose me. I did not.

Mind: Why don’t you fuck yourself somewhere? Or probably you did? You a virgin? I’m not. I get mind-fucked everyday. Would you be still be if you were fucked and hurt a zillion times?
They call that stupid, you know…Answer me..you bitch…
Heart : I’m what I am. My stupidity defines hope for many. I still crash and burn…but I’m stronger than you think

Mind: Oh really! Then why don’t you find yourself a different abode…you are screwing me every time, miss fancy
Heart: Mr fickle-minded, why don’t you for once make up your mind. And don’t blame me for your idiosyncrasies…you don’t know what you want…I ALWAYS know what I want.

Mind: Now now now ….who comes up with logic, practicality and sense? Every time I make up my mind, you hustle with me. Have you no heart for your master? For you always bring him feelings of pain and guilt. Because of you, I have to accommodate new entries and memories to an already stashed up house of mine. Where am I supposed to make place for these new memories? Why! you don’t even want to erase the older ones!
Heart: Hey, I would have if my master were a gentleman. But what do I do? I'm born to a lady. She loves to play war with us two.

So lets play together-fair and square.
Heart: Lets play in circles.

Mind: You are pissing me off! I think I’m going to stab you.
Heart: Honey before that I will kill you with beer and whisky….