Saturday, 6 February 2010

Till then

I hope you find a season, forever to cherish.
I hope you find a hand to hold when all alone.
I hope you find a smile to make your day.
I hope you find a dream to show you the way.
I hope you find beauty, I hope you find passion.
I hope you find a moment, forever to love.
I hope you find shade, when all tires you out.
I hope you find you, and all that you're about.
I hope you sail the years, with all the world's peace.
I hope for you cause that's all I get to feel.
An endless hope like the ocean's abyss.
I keep longing once more for your caress.
Till then will this charm always be?
Will You still be you and I be me?
In your wait a silent prayer I say,
To keep the faith that blind men see,
Till then, I'll be waiting at the door for you to find me.


Chirag Kaku said...

v nice!

Crazyy woman said...

@chirag: Have you gone through each post?? :) Thank you for the kind words, again...