Tuesday, 28 August 2007


If you were an Arts student (female) or a Life Science’s student (like me) or a part of a fashion editorial team (not like me), you would know the optical satisfaction of just glancing upon some "eye-candy." Yes! All of us ladies out there know the scarcity in our fields (the ones I mentioned above) of such wanted (said in a very slow emphasizing accent), therapeutic men in our organisations.

Year after year, every batch of the Life Science’s Department(read as the female species that included the female profs too), those that passed out and those that graduated to the next class, would always discuss the most coveted topic of boys. We always felt they were less, but on an optimistic note “something better than nothing," while the ladies from the Art’s section always felt we were the luckiest with “sooo manyyy hotttt guyyyyeees”(said a squeaky shrilly voice). And that bought me to wonder- WHO MOVED MY MEAT?

If you are a lovely gentleman reading this exclusive blog piece of mine, you would be enlightened to know this part of us- the breed of not-so-desperate, hard-working, independent, level-headed, and normal women. It’s as simple as a man rather having a swimsuit calendar on his table than a family photo. Oh! The joy of simply feasting your eyes on something that was obviously made for us can’t beat the list of little things that make us smile and get thru the day. We aren’t cradle snatchers, or shameless lechers or a bunch of bored hormones surveying for flesh. We also, and I must add at this point, are very much pleased with our boyfriends, husbands, flings, asexual entities that give us happiness, and last but not the least our families and friends (for singles, like me).

We are also very much surrounded by the latest technology and gadgets, in my case “breaking news”, but I think what we would really appreciate is seeing God’s creation with a dash of attitude, a flash of style and loads of pheromones to get us on that wild imagination. Not that our brains are not constantly on hire. But a lil bit of beauty exercise, I guess, would do wonders for those tired brain cells.

Your non-existence is a topic that finds its way in our lunch time, pantry time and hiring time. You would be amused if you were to see the kind of expressions you got. That is, if you existed in our presence. For instance, the dazed look amidst an important edit meet just while you cross our line of vision, or that smirky smile when you know that potential fish could be your catch(in a hypothetical world we almost always live in) and sometimes that twirling of the hair or the removal of a hair band to set those goldilocks free. Can you imagine you get all of this and don’t even know it? Not that now that you know it, the next time you walk past by us you will notice it. Mind you, it’s an art mastered over the years. Just remember that we are always looking at you or, for the optimistic like me, for you.

Then why aren’t there enough candies? And if there are, then please take me to the candy shop…