Saturday, 23 October 2010

A message for you

Dear Stranger-searching-for-an-answer,

It is one thing to mull on your past and it is another thing to foresee your happiness :) Today, I saw a smiling content vision of the future.
A few months ago, o
ne of my posts claimed of a future filled with love and oppotunities of which I have achieved each one of them apart from the frigging love handles that refuse to leave me I still evoke strong sentiments from peers with regards to my overshot BMI index. Aah! promises to lose weight are now seeming frequent. But My will is still strong. I have two months more to prove myself right. But if I do, I promise to flash a Hot Sexy Million dollar worth Picture of me :) I am so screwed now! hehehe..
Love, yes has happened with someone special and will remain so. I am going to paint a 1000 words for all to read about that soon. Yay!
Work is pretty varied. I like. I stress. Don't like. I am looking for a change to entice me, make me go with my heart...I know I will find it soon. I already foresaw my future this year and I am ridin' fine. So why
I am I writing this? Well, to tell you all that you can get what you want, when you want and to expect more than you can. I shall tell you how and those who really need help can get in touch through email.

For most people, this might sound absurd and crap but the ones who know me would know what I mean. I have always been a woman of gut instinct. I have no answers to 'Why I do not feel Virat Kohli will not play in his next test match' or 'Why your latest love is a completely no-no for you' or 'the fact that I am going to live till 90'. Hahaha... Yes, Some ask me to predict the future, and some ask for the closing index at the stock markets.

No I am not a fortune-teller. I happen to listen to my heart more often than not which also means I land up bruising myself more than any one else. I also listen to what YOUR HEART feels :) How is that! Tha
t is why I can tell you what will work for you. My message to you, you two lovely eyes reading me, is that - It is all within you. You are capable of seeing your future and you need no Linda Goodman to do it.
Tune in to what your heart feels, what makes you happy, sad, angry. Observe people, listen, listen and
listen! Shut up as often as you can. Wisdom is revealed in moments of silence and is a gift and blessing from God. The phrase, 'Wisdom of the sages' comes from this adage.

When you feel all lost, hurt and absolutely at the edge of a cliff, and you get this feeling that your life means nothing to no one, remember one thing- That this is perception twisted, blurred with your stoopid confused ways. Take a step back, breathe, pause, reflect like a third person. In moments like these, you should always switch off to a silent YOU. Talk to God my friend. Talk and tell him your heart. If sadness weighs you down, just be. Just lie still. The Lord Almighty stands before you EVERYDAY, EVERY TIME, EVERYWHERE - Believe in his omnipresence! Even if you don't just stand still, give him the benefit of doubt that probably HE might be sipping JD on the rocks at a sleek jazz bar, with soft piano tunes floating in the wispy air, watching you, waiting for him to act. He knows everything that you tell and that you do not tell. He knows your heart before you can even decide. When you give God a chance to act on your life, your confusion will vanish and Answers will come. The journey won't confuse you. The future will not impose any fear. And you begin to see things clear for yourself and for others.

The reason I am writing this piece today is because I feel you need me today to hear this message (I do not know who you are but I have a feeling you will stumble upon this piece of mine soon)
Yes, it is a message for your soul and I am here to convey it- you are blessed and your future is as bright as the sunlight sunflowers swaying in green fields :) And that you are loved by many, open your heart and your arms and let the floodgates of compassion fill your arms.

Stay blessed, smile and walk barefeet...someone out there wishes they could just do this and be like you... :)

From an ang


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