Saturday, 8 December 2007

Dizzle Dazzle,Hiccups Uninterrupted....

Empty spaces, black faces,
Shadow smiles, wispy images,
Smoke rings, BLANK me.

Faded dreams, staggering footsteps,
Mumble, to me,
Drowning voices, silent screams,
Colours of the world.

A world of my own,
Reality fading to my world,
Losing my balance,
Tipping my glass off,
One more peg-I need it.

I need to see my world,
My colours, my dreams,
I need to get lost,
I need my sweet cauldron of pain.

Groping for hope,
Helping hands to hold me,
Lift my head to see clearly,
No one i see,
But the shadow of me.

Pour me that glass,
Sink in that feeling,
Thru' smothered whispers and
Empty glasses of wine,
I say to myself,
"Ooh baby! I'm doing fine."

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