Friday, 16 February 2007


We search all our lives for that one piece of hope/love/moment. Basically, all our lives we run, run, and run; hoping to find that reason why we are here? Like my friend tanvi’s nick goes- searching for my piece of sky.. Nice TannyJ probably the key word out here is ‘contentment’ and when we find it we know we are at peace, at home. And our parents have always told us to follow our hearts..Yes mom. Yes dad. We are happy till we start off the rat race. And man, as much as we hate it we want to run that blood sucking, soul wrenching, cut-throat, shallow race. Well did we choose to race? (thinking) did we have a choice? Hmm, tricky one.. “No” is my answer. Its like relay. Our parents raced and now the baton is passed on to us. They rest and tell us what to anticipate in the race. They tell us we will be rewarded as long as we can race. We have no bloody clue but we know we got to race. We race. We tire. We are unhappy. But there, we see our loved ones cheering us with praises and bragging our tales..Some of us think “Now I cant leave the race, I’ve got to keep up.” Others think, “I have ran enough, I need a break.” Another set of us scream, “Hmm…this aint wanna run more.” For those who quit the race, we call them “Losers”. Those who continue racing, we call them “Ambitious”. There are a whole lot of adages given to us participants, but these two categories are my favourites.
HYPPOCRITES!!! Fucking hypocrites we all are. We hate the race. We have been there. We know the truth. How does one draw the line between contentment and defeat? Is it so that the point of contentment when reached defines the point of non-ambitiousness? Who draws the line for anybody? Why has ambition or “the race” being overrated by us, who already know the farce of it? Does that mean those who choose a life other than the rat race are leading a pointless life?
And you know what? Ambi valley will still be there. Losers. Winners. Complacents. All are awaited to be a part of it. And well, they DO have a choice. So SHUT UP and RACE or just SHUT UP.


pearl said...

Contentment is also a matter of perception... I think the race is also a perception... Each individual perceives the race differently... And one's perception is another's mystery...
But set me thinking... Well thought ;)

Tanvi said...

hey iren..i totally luvd the analogy..very true in parts..u know what..i think contentment comes outa finally achievin wat youve been put on earth to do..u dont havta run the race..all u havta do is 'make a wish,take a chance,make a change and break away!'

Prabodh said...

Hey Irene good Thought provoking Blog but in a race of life you run against urself.....the day u start comparing urself with others u can never bee contented or never win a race so individual has to decide is he runing or competing against himself or against everybody else around