Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Drain away, laugh away…away from here, away from me

A ray of sunlight seen from the waters beneath
That’s my wish to see me again
Deep down, I lie, lie so still,
All I can hear the winds from afar
Wait don’t go, take me with you
Let me live my life for me
Myself no more, will I be
Without you, I know no other me
Each day I mask my face
My mind steals a glance
Of the person I once was
And in pain I shrug my shoulders
I laugh away my thoughts
Maybe in vain I’m wandering
A hopeless future daunting
I smell the stale cold cup of tea
Like every morning,
Today too, I pour it down the sink
Wish I could empty
All the sea of fear
Just like that….
Just like the way
A broken barrel of beer drains away
Efforts to stop all gone to nothing
Still I walk up the stairs
Holding onto myself, my light
As the door keys turn
I’m a prisoner to you, a prisoner of yore


Krithika said...

very well-written, really liked it... keep writing!

Sujith said...

thats on our orkut too !!! good, good, welcome to blogworld

C R D said...

hey, lovely piece.

i somehow have a feeling that u love beer a lot [:P]

fosters or kingfisher shud make u their brand ambassador mebbe :P